Meet Miss Sissy

Hi! I'm Miss Sissy.

Born and raised in Port Huron, Michigan, I have a passion for the city and surrounding area. I explored my education at Spring Arbor University and completed a four-year music degree in just three years, earning a bachelor's in music at 20 years old. Music has been in my blood from birth. I can remember sneaking away at family reunions so that my fingers could find my great grandmother's honky tonk piano. Or borrowing a 6-track recorder from my dad's colleague and falling out of time and into love with all the possibilities.

I've experienced many teachers and acutely observed their instructional styles. I find the best teachers connect with their students by striving to be the instructor the student needs, not the one the teacher wants. I expect exploration from music making; inquisitive attitudes that manifest joyful creations. I will not belittle my students, or critique their creative inventions. I only aspire to uplift, foster, and hone in on the talent and skill already present from them within.